Day 32. It‘s been a month!

I feel 2 cm closer to my initial goal: only rely on myself while playing.
A month ago, little young fool, I didn‘t know back then, that when tapping into electronic stuff you leave yourself entirely up to the gods of tech. Unreliable/buggy/understudied (by me) apps, my general slowness, huge learning curve — all that can fully substitute for a really poor (and robotic!) chamber music partner.

But I‘m getting there. Ultimately I‘m the one who can learn how to use that stuff correctly and creatively. Someday I‘ll probably move to Ableton and physical loopers, processors and effect pedals, but I‘m not quite yet ready to bury myself under gear and wires.

Daily updates helped me significantly to learn every day and not give up on my idea. I‘ll see if I keep it up from now — I really want to take my time and get used to the apps and MIDI to be able to make music I really like. 

Final snippet today:

I got an awesome new drum-machine from Audiokit, very simple, but groovy (the preset is in the video title). Look at me changing effects and triggering stuff! Yay!