I give lessons

I love teaching and have been doing this since school years.

My favourite thing is to help students prepare for something big and important, give technical advice, broaden their repertoire, tackle the obstacles, work on sound and phrasing, develop the right mindset towards tricky passages etc.

 I also teach specifically circular breathing and Beatbox with flute.

Your age doesn't matter: as a school teacher I've been working with complete beginners, 6-year-olds and teenagers; have been assisting my Professor at the Zurich University of the Arts and preparing the students for their degree exams; privately I've been working with senior flute players who haven't lost their passion for music.

I speak German, English and Russian. A little bit of Norwegian, too :-)

The lessons can be held via Skype, Zoom or FaceTime.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested!