Day 31. After 10 days of:


  1. Sobbing reading the manual 
  2. Familiarizing myself with the whole internet 
  3. Watching this video (!!!) by Non Standart Music Japan 
  4. Riverdancing on my pedals to get anything out of them 
  5. Trying and retrying 
  6. Adding „for idiots“ at the end of my every google request... made a click, and somehow I set up my first 2 banks of the Behringer! 

Can‘t say it works awesome with every app, I need to do more research.
Most importantly, I don‘t really have to leave the Loopy interface again while playing. I can switch effects and trigger Loopy functions for now. I also found out how to start/stop the drummer from the Audiobus side palette. 

Synth1 still jumps back and forward when me and my pedal aren‘t even talking to him. So does the Bias FX, actually, but it‘s becoming more docile. 

In this particular session I made FugueMachine trigger Model D synth, which I hope to play around with in the future.