Day 28. I miss the simpler times

To be specific, I miss October 2020, when I was clueless and therefore brave enough to start my looping journey, thinking it would be easy and fun. It‘s definitely fun, but also brutal. 

I stopped using the pedal for looping just yet. Turns out, the pedal is ALREADY set up to talk to all the apps I own. Who knew? Not me.
Imagine a random stomp on my bad boy FCB1010, actually addressed to Loopy, that triggers my other 180 uber-obedient apps to change the synth sound, set the bar count from 4 to 257/234098, crash the sequencer and rotate the Earth in another direction.

I really need to read the Behringer manual, though it was written like 15 years ago when iPad wasn‘t a thing. Really really need to learn how to work the pedal. 

Anyways, today‘s pip is the Section A (because I don‘t know how to loop the Section B, that‘s also wonderful, let alone section C) of Stevie Wonder‘s „Golden Lady“. 

I pre-recorded it, because I didn‘t want to touch the monster pedal and cause a disaster. I played the melody live though.

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