Day 25. Feeling like a zookeeper

with all the apps in the AUM crashing but then restoring but then crashing but then losing routing — my job is keeping them alive and routed. I can‘t even take care of a plant, let alone several apps with many variables.

Anyways, today‘s crowd puller is the beginning of „I Love Your Smile“ by Shanice, perfect for looping.


Throughout this session:

  • Cubasis was only kept alive by my humble prayer, very instable
  • Funk Drummer was fired forever (or until I find him attractive again), because he wouldn’t understand my FugueMachine sequencer 
  • I forgot to use FugueMachine altogether
  • DrumJam was welcomed to the family

What I want to learn:

  1. Find out why I was making involuntary loops at the end
  2. How to route the Loopy metronom into my ear, so I don‘t need to bother DrumJam right at the beginning
  3. How to trigger effects and change synths with the Behringer