Day 21. Sometimes it just needs to be recorded 

The initial plan was to dissect and recreate my favourite songs to the best of my ability — just for exercise. 

I love Genesis. I cannot tell Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel apart, but over time they morphed in my mind into one person I adore. So today I played the "Snowbound" again, but for a little bit longer. 

This song gives you so much space for having fun with all that different sounds and synths, I even whipped out my dusty expression keyboard Roli to capture those awesome upwards glissandi before chorus. Side note: I don't know, what's harder to do on the Roli Seaboard: aim at the right notes or make the app stop glitching and disconnecting. Sadly, at the moment this thing remains for me a somewhat expensive toy — I'm sure I'll find the way to make use of it in the future though. 

Future me will also be very grateful If I took time to learn mixing and mastering as soon as possible — but, one giant problem at a time, I guess. For now my favourite problem is hands-free looping, and I'm all over it.

So, today's smasheroo is Genesis' "Snowbound" with zero looping. My bad.