Day 16. I had a suspicion 

that my parents forgot to invite a certain GarageBand-affiliated witch to my first birthday, so she cursed me to end up with GarageBand no matter what I try.

Anyways, today I broke that curse and didn't even touch the GB once. Instead, I did the mix in Cubasis — an app that costs $50 and looks like it's 1998 again, and infuriates me 99% of the time. We'll get along eventually.

The reason I didn't need much work after recording is that I finally got my hands on sweet Audiobus Remote that looks like a candy: 

I pre-recorded the loops and all that was left to do is just to spread the fingers across that handy buttons. 

Back to my complaint session. The Funk Drummer infuriates me with his random fills and lack of control option through any remote. I have to record him separately through AUM remote and then reunite him with my loops through Cubasis, that, again, infuriates me.

Honourable mention: BiasFX infuriates me, because all that goes through it into Loopy sounds like a retro kitchen radio.

It's almost like I didn't explore my apps enough to be able to realise their full potential, but I really wanted to complain for a second.

To today's master stroke! I think, that RHCP's "Scar Tissue" was born to eventually be looped by someone. Other than its loopability, this song is one of my favourites (John Frusciante's solo! ❤️)