Day 18. Back to the roots 

So, recently on Tiktok I heard a tiny piece of music in the beginning of some challenge. How do you do, fellow kids?

Anyways, the harmonies in this piece of music triggered some brutal russian-ness in me, and I immediately shazam'd the song. It was The Living Tombstone's "It's been so long".

Pity that this harmonic minor scale awesomeness was hidden in the second part of the chorus and was so so short. Harmonic (Aeolian ♯7) minor is very common in Russian music practice and so natural us, but you hear it very rarely in Western music. I really miss my lifted 7th note and weird subdominants.

That's why I decided to steal this little bit of The Living Tombstone's song and bring the Russian cheesiness to the max. 

Today's crackajack is what I borrowed from that song, put proudly in the very beginning of the chorus. Otherwise all-new, fresh out of the head, Russian overkill. All possible motherland influences gathered throughout my life. Weird subdominants galore, lifted 7ths fiesta! I went ALL the way. All knobs to the right! Na sdorovie.