Day 29. The Manual

The dreaded moment is here: I started reading the Behringer Manual. 

(Decoration added for less depressive look)

„The first time you recall the preset, it will send the controller value of CNT1 (VALUE 1), with each additional key press you can alternate between CNT2 and CNT1. Example: Select preset 1 without DRIVE function on the BEHRINGER V-AMP—each time you press the same button again, DRIVE will be switched on or off respectively: PROG CHG 1 = 1, CNT 1 NUMBER = 26, VALUE 1 = 0, CNT 2 NUMBER = 26, VALUE 1 = 127.“

Why hasn’t anyone  made a song out of it, it rolls right off your tongue! This booklet is gonna be my bedtime story for the next couple of weeks. No music today.