Day 24. oh my god and all his archangels

I did it, I programmed the foot pedal!

Cutting corners for the win, just Loopy and Behringer, just MIDI learn!

Hands free looping session, the very first, very convenient, very fail-prone, full of screw-ups and fun, screen-recorded right here:


Did the loop totally randomly, first try, no redos. THE FACT that the looping part was done by my right foot is mind-boggling for me!

I'd like to thank:

Behringer for choosing the track, adjusting volume, quick-rec, re-rec, metronome

Fieldscaper for this nostalgic dreamy feel

Bias FX for muffled (why?!) bass and RIP-headphone-users solo

Harmonizr for 3in1 flute experience

Funk Drummer for random fills

Cubasis the Savior for keyboards after SynthOne failed me and stopped working altogether. 

Alesis for physical keyboards

AUM for poking at apps

Audiobus for allowing AUM to allow poking


I want to learn programming effects into Behringer, but that's next-level, I need my youtube geniuses to teach me.