Day 19. Harmonize it 

Solved the problem with BiasFX with its muffled sound (or I was using it wrong, who knows) by ditching the app and learning a new one: Harmonizr!

It does a really good job self-harmonizing or transforming that tweety flute sound to bass. Yes, maybe using the bass option I sound like a bari-sax made of paper, but for once it's a clear bass line.

Reasons to love Harmonizr:

  1. Harmonizes hands-free (no need to hold a chord on the keyboard while playing flute with two additional hands)
  2. Bass mode doesn't record your actual sound, only the transformed one
  3. Fun harmonic modes

I made a loop with a bass line and harmonizer to hear how it works together. I like it! Still used BiasFX for extra crunchy negative 2 octaves bass line though.


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